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Error starting hosted network
Due to errors or improper virtual device handling, wireless card can "get stuck" in a certain execution state when it is not possible to use it through SeventhGate. In case you know your device is generally OK but you experience such problems, you may try:
  • Enabling Internet connection sharing manually so that the device can get "unstuck". In order to do that, go to network interfaces, open Properties for your Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter and switch to second tab (Sharing). From the drop-down menu choose something like "Wireless connection" (just like on the picture below).
  • If that does not help, try uninstalling your wifi card and than installing it again. It can be done from Device Manager. First, right-click on the card (in my case it is Intel(R) WiFi Link 1000 BGN) and from the context menu choose Uninstall. You may want to reboot your computer now. After starting up, get back to Device Manager and if Windows hasn't start autoinstallation yet, click on the Check hardware changes button and (usually) let Windows install the driver automatically.

Why lightweight?
I believe that in the world of managed code, developers very often rely heavily on garbage collector, causing their programs to steal maliciously too much memory space from your system. When creating this project I tried to focus on minimizing system load but providing full functionality of software router. Still, there is always room for improvement and I hope to provide constant development state in order make my project better and better.

What new in comparison to already existing solutions?
I noticed that neither in case of Connectify nor VirtualRouter apart from private wireless network creation and Internet connection sharing those programs do not have true router-like capabilities. First of all, MAC address filtering. I believe this is a gap to be fulfilled. I would also like to offer more "pro-like" capabilities of the program. This is the direction I would like to develop my project in.

Why SeventhGate does not have a "new look"?
Instead of using Windows Presentation Foundation, I decided to rely on old good Windows Forms. This saves up resources and reduces program lags while increasing it's responsiveness.

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Kelvin_009 Jun 25, 2013 at 2:47 AM 
Can you make the software network name not generic as the client inputs the network it should be there when the computer restarts also make an option to start when windows start

KevinMcGreevy Jan 13, 2012 at 5:21 PM 
Great job in resisting the proliferation of bloat-ware!