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Program features

In case everything works OK you should be able to see something like on the picture below. Created network is visible in Windows' networking applet:

Wireless network name
Program allows to set the name (SSID) of your wireless network.

Wireless network password
Program allows to set the password required to connect to the network

Wireless network clients limit
Program allows to set the limit of clients able to connect to the network simultaneously

Advanced network information
Right now, SeventhGate shows only part of the information about wireless network (for example, channel frequency or network mode). Next step in program development is to obtain information about network load, current throughput, transfer history.

Debug mode
There is a debug mode in the program in which it is possible to obtain a detailed information about program run. In order to run SeventhGate in debug mode, you have to run it with -debug parameter. It can be done in at least ( I don't know any other, but it does not mean there are none :) ) two ways:
  • Using a shortcut, edit Target field to something like "C:\Program Files\SeventhGate\SeventhGate.exe -debug"
  • Running from command-line add -debug switch like C:\>Program Files\SeventhGate\SeventhGate.exe -debug
In debug mode, additional switch (Debug window) appears in "Other options" panel that controls visibility of debug window.


The debug window has actually a nice feature of being "glued" to main program window. On how to achieve that you may want to see FormConnector class.

Program storage
Whole program configuration is stored in an xml configuration file kept in the program folder. In case of first run/any configuration file corruption, configuration is cleared and new file is created. There is no "Save" button in the program, all options are stored instantly on change, so after program restart you hopefully will get your last configuration.

MAC filtration (TODO)
Next step is to investigate whether it is possible to interfere with dhcp server built into wireless hosted network subsystem and to modify it in a way as to enable just a subset of MAC addresses to be able to connect.

Port forwarding (TODO)
wlanapi.dll that is extensively used in SeventhGate offers some functionality to forward ports. This is going to be feature to explore for future program releases.

SSID broadcast disabling (TODO)

Hibernation/Sleep handling/restoring (TODO)

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