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System version

SeventhGate can run only on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008R2. This is due to the fact, that wifi virtualization was introduced just with those two OSes. In case SeventhGate is run under older systems, whole GUI becomes disabled and proper information is displayed:


Virtualizable wireless network interface

Not all wireless network cards support wifi virtualization. Whether your model does You can check easily in Control panel -> Network interfaces. There should be Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter interface. It is only visible if your physical wifi adapter is turned on (after turning it off both interfaces - physical and virtual - are off). If your virtual wifi interface is greyed out and "Turn on" command from context menu does not really turn it on, it might(!) mean your physical device does not support functionality. I wrote "might", as there is a slight chance that after uninstalling physical device , updating drivers and Windows restart, your virtual interface becomes up and running. My dad's laptop gave me such a surprise.
In case OS version is ok, but no virtualized device is present in the system, SeventhGate will present you following information:


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